Distributors wanted for the one and only transferrable liquid crystal glass/window technology in the world: SPECTRADOME PRIVAGLASS!


We are constantly searching for resellers and exclusive distributors WORLDWIDE.

If you are a private individual or a business with a minimum base of technical skills in installing door/window frames and panes and you are interested in becoming our exclusive distributor or simply resell our PRIVAGLASS privacy LCD glass, please contact us immediately.

We have made the SPECTRADOME PRIVAGLASS system technology totally transferrable and are in a position to provide you with everything that is needed to start an extremely lucrative business with virtually NO competition in your area.

What have we got to offer? A LOT of things:

*) a truly unique hi-tech product whose assembly and operation are fully based on nano technologies;

*) outsanding profit margins

*) opportunity to minimize investments

*) opportunity to resell a complete solution (product+installation) to your customers, thus encreasing overall profits even more

*) all the reliability and safety that only a completely CE and Rohs certified product that was also tested by German TUV body can offer.

How do I become an affiliate/distributor?
It is actually very simple: first of all, please decide if you are interested in a simple resale or exclusive distributorship status. Second, you just need to contact us to inform us your choice: after that, you will be requested to pay a one-time only affiliation fee whose amount is strictly depending on the previously chosen status. Two options are possible as follows:

1) "LIGHT": this option is intended for those interested in becoming simple resellers and is the cheapest available. After payment of an affiliation fee of EUR 3.600, the PRIVAGLASS reseller will receive from SPECTRADOME all the technology needed (electronic equipment for installation, CD-Rom with installation instruction, promotional leaflets, and one portable kit for product demo) to install and showcase the PRIVAGLASS to his final customers. This affiliation option does not entitle the reseller to exclusive distributorship, however, it allows the reseller to resell the PRIVAGLASS system, minimize capital commitment for this venture, and gain additional profits (fees for installation service) by being able to directly install the system.

2) "REGULAR": this is an exlcusive distributorship affiliation under the Franchise formula. After payment of an affiliation fee of EUR 12.000, the exclusive distributor is entitled to:

a) exclusive distributorship status for a given city/local area

b) an initial stock of PRIVAGLASS for resale (5 square meters)

c) electronic equipment, CD-Rom instructions and consumables for system installation at the final customer's place

d) a fully functional an portable system demo kit to showcase the product

e) promotional material and leaflets

For both options, there are NO other additional or hidden costs to be paid by the reseller/distributor, as we are going to take care of supplying the LCD glass panels to distributors and resellers, upon receipt of customer orders.

We encourage all companies and individuals interested in finalizing an exclusive or resale distributorship agreement for the PRIVAGLASS customized LCD glass system to contact us by one of the following references:

Phones: +41 4450 87 068 (Switzerland) or +39 02 890 38 665 (Italy) or +39 051 051 69 89 (Italy)

Hotlines: +41 (0)79 872 05 27 (Switzerland) +39 333 740 31 60 (Italy)

Fax: +39 06 233 123 54

Email (please make sure to remove NOSPAM from email address):